Ariana Restaurant


Photo credit @ Ariana Restaurant

Tucked away in Thüringen you will find this hidden gem of a restaurant, specialising in Indian & Afghan cuisine. And if this unique offering wasn’t enticing enough, you can get all of the dishes made exactly to your desired level of spiciness, so everyone can enjoy their food with downing a pint of milk along with it.

A friend had organised for us to visit Ariana’s for my birthday treat, and what a treat it was. Housed in a cosy guesthouse with an outlook onto the mountains you would be forgiven if you did not realise the delights to be found inside, but Ariana really delivers.


Photo credit @ Ariana Restaurant

For a seemingly small building there is a surprising amount of space, and they have not tried to pack in as many tables as humanly possible but have kept the majority of the seating inside to separate booths bringing an intimate feeling to your experience.

If your feeling especially hungry grab a few different starters to share like their chicken or homemade cheese baked in a chickpea dough, or the classic samosas, or some pakora (an Indian fried snack).

If you want to save yourself for the main event, browsing the menu you can simply choose what type of meat takes your fancy; veal, lamb, chicken, or keep it vegetarian, and then deicde on the flavour. In each category they have an vast array of dishes to pick from. Lentils, chickpeas, cashew nuts and potatoes are some stand out ingredients, highlighted with lots of fresh and flavoursome herbs and spices. Do you want a tomato-based sauce, or something more creamy? The classic favourites of masala and korma stand firm, however do not overlook the more unusual dishes, like the veal prepared with potatoes to an Afghan recipe and refined IMG_6027.jpgwith various spices.

The menu is guaranteed to get your mouth watering and making that all important final decision will not be an easy one.

Luckily, we were a party of four, meaning we each picked a dish and then all had a taste. I personally love lamb in curries and think it brings such a deeper texture and flavor and so I can especially recommend the lamb curry prepared with seasonal vegetables.

I do love a curry, but I also am not a fan of them being too hot. I still like to taste everything that is in the dish without the inside of my mouth being burnt off, and here you can choose exactly how spicy you want your dish prepared to, from not hot, to slightly hot, to sweating through your clothes extra hot.

A side of rice is of course a given, but for me and Roger, a long standing tradition is to always have naan bread with our curry and here was no exception. It is just the best thing to tear off a piece of naan with your hands and mop up all of the delicious sauce, and believe me, you will not want to leave any of it behind.


Photo credit @ Ariana Restaurant

There are so many dishes on this menu that sound so delicious, that I will be heading back soon with a whole bunch of mates just so we can try them all. Alternatively, head on over on a Sunday lunchtime for their buffet and eat your heart out.


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