IMG_5800Go for breakfast, stay for lunch and then grab a cheeky after work drink while you are at it. And after all of that you can simply go upstairs and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep in one of their beautiful hotel rooms. This urban haven in Dornbirn, serving you up fresh, local ingredients morning, noon and night, needs to be on your list. Bar10Zimmer not only looks the part, but also plays the part of serving up delicious and gorgeous food and drink oh so well.

But first off, the hotel. Owner Susanne Rümmele let me have a peak at a few of the ten rooms (just in case the name hadn’t tipped you off) in the hotel, and all I can say is wow. As soon as you step across the threshold you cannot help but feel relaxed. Every room is light and airy, with lots of natural materials, like the beautiful wooden floorboards, and the beds made up with crisp white linens just inviting you to get in and snuggle up. Even


Photo Credit @ Bar10Zimmer

the smallest of the rooms feels open and bright due to the clever and well thought out decoration and design. Then we made our way up to the top floor where all of my interior design dreams came true. The rooms open up into the roof space, exposing the  beams and it was at this moment that I wanted to go home and completely renovate our entire upstairs.

They treat you to bath products from Herbal Treats by Susanne Kaufmann from Bregenzerwald and I warn you, you may not actually want to leave the room, but you have to. Just a few flights of stairs will lead you to their café and bar on the ground floor, where more treats are in store.


Photo Credit @ Bar10Zimmer

The café/ bar continues the same design theme, with lots of natural wood and clean lines and reminded me a lot of the small independent cafes back in Australia. The fact that they have avocado toast with eggs on the menu also sent me on a quick trip down memory lane and I won’t hide that fact that I got very excited.

Director of the kitchen Jodok Dietrich took some time out to give me the low down on the concept and the ins and outs of Bar 10. Jodok is originally from Vorarlberg but has worked as a chef in Switzerland, Vienna, Munich and was previously the head chef at Innauer, in Dornbirn.

The concept that they are trying to develop is that there are no strict job roles. Everyone working in the kitchen goes out and serves and takes orders and everyone who serves can also help out with the cooking, so that everyone has a good knowledge about what is being offered.

Their menu focuses on high quality produce, predominantly organic and bio, taking full advantage of the Dornbirn markets and various other local suppliers, such as yoghurt and cheese from Doren, as well as having a fisherman on both the lake and in Bregenzerwald.


Photo Credit @ Bar10Zimmer

Their suppliers for menu staples also change regularly, so that they can continually offer their customers a new experience, for example the coffee beans, the beer on offer and the wine.

Lunch everyday is spontaneously decided based on the fresh seasonal ingredients available. These dishes are primarily plant/vegetable based (summer pumpkin, aubergines, artichokes etc.), however you always have the option to add meat or dairy if your heart desires.

Aside from lunch their base menu will keep you going from early until late with dishes such as the aforementioned avocado toast, granola, brioche with fruit and yoghurt, pastrami sandwiches, salads, and Chèvre chaud (hot cheese on bread) with thyme honey.


Photo Credit @ Bar10Zimmer

The organic theme also spans to the drink side of the menu and their wine selection, offering up something a little different, as well as a few usual suspects. They also do not really offer many Vorarlberg beers like other places, but instead offer beer from other states for you to try.

My love for both food and interior design has been completely captured in this inner city santuary for both out of towners and locals alike and you can easily spend a lot of time here enjoying the tasty menu, soaking up the atmosphere and watching the world go by.


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