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Photo Credit @ Bahi

In the week leading up to my wedding I was pretty busy with getting my long list of to dos completed and whilst in Bregenz my Mum and I were in desperate need of a coffee to keep us going. Luckily, we wandered past Bahi, and decided to check out this new addition to the café scene, and we were not disappointed.

This cool location is both a café and coworking space, with a really relaxed vibe and so whether you are looking for somewhere to catch up with a friend, somewhere to get the inspirational juices flowing, or simply need a change of scenery to work from, they have you covered. You can rent space to work from on a daily or monthly basis and with amazing coffee, yummy treats and a diverse range of healthy and tasty lunches just a few strides away, it is pretty much the perfect office.

Cornelius, the owner, took some time to chat with me about his venture. He grew up in Vorarlberg and then took the opportunity to study aboard. Travel has been an important part of his life since, having visited a large part of Europe, and various other countries across the globe including America, India, and South Africa.

IMG_5392The more he travelled, the more he picked up new ideas that had not made it yet to Vorarlberg. Whilst travelling in Palo Alto, the idea of Bahi really began to form after he visited an old Cinema that had been transferred into a café & coworking space; “I really liked the vibes there. I thought it would be cool to create something similar here in Vorarlberg.” And so he did.

To my delight he informed me that in order to find the perfect coffee to serve, he searched all over Austria looking for the best coffee roasters, only to find Kaffeewerk Handle in Dornbirn right on his doorstep roasting the most amazing coffee. Each cup is served in Bahi with a bite sized chunk of freshly made brownie, satisfying your sweet tooth.

Sourcing their ingredients and produce locally is extremely important to them, even with their international inspired lunch menu. The eggs and vegetables come from Bregenz, flour from Buch and milk and cheese from an organic farmer in Doren, Bregenzerwald.

For lunch let them tingle your taste buds with healthy dishes such as thai curry, lentil salads made with north african spices, falafel, Dal and beetroot salad, just to name a few.

IMG_5394 (1)And that’s not all, a few evenings a week they are open late and so you can grab a craft beer with friends, again sourced locally from the great little brewery, Grabhers, in Fluh.

Community and networking is also a key part of the concept and philosophy here and every Friday they host an International Meet up evening. So for people like me, or anyone looking to connect with new people from all different walks of life and from all corners of the world, it’s the perfect way to spend your night.

So if your home office has a lot to be desired, or you need a fresh space to inspire and ignite you, and want to enjoy a handpicked cup of amazing coffee or craft beer (once your work is done of course), go and check out this great space and be welcomed by Cornelius into the Bahi community.


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