Crazy Ape Coffee- CLOSED

Crazy about coffee? Well so are the guys at Crazy Ape Coffee in Bregenz. They have your every coffee need taken care of, as well as some deliciously crazy food and so settle in on one of their comfy chairs and join friends over coffee in this small café away from the hustle of central Bregenz.


Photo Credit @ Crazy Ape Coffee

As you all know coffee is a very important part of my everyday life, and my quest for good coffee here in Vorarlberg is always on. Therefore, you can imagine how excited I was when I saw that Bregenz had a new coffee shop with a serious passion for good coffee.

Owner Philipp had always had the desire to own his own café, and like many of us, after a few drinks, he contemplated his dreams and the question arose, why not just make it happen? Normally life continues on the next day, and so it did for four years for Philipp until he wanted to waste no more time in pursuing his passion


Photo Credit @ Crazy Ape Coff

, and so the Crazy Ape Coffee dream became a reality.

The variety of coffee on offer and the knowledge about coffee is incredible. The majority of their beans are sourced from Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Cuba) and Africa. Their house espresso is roasted in Florence and every month they have an espresso of the month for you to sample.

In addition to the beans, the preparation methods are very important to them. They have every coffee making contraption available, allowing them to serve you the perfect coffee, exactly to your taste. Do not let the vast array of options scare you, if you’re not quite sure what to order, simply ask and they will find the right coffee just for you.

Crazy Ape sandwiches 2

Photo Credit @ Crazy Ape Coffee

When the weather heats up you can grab your caffeine fix in either iced coffee, cold brewed or Affogato form. Tea drinkers do not despair as they also have a really good range of intriguing hot and iced teas to choose from.

It’s not all about the coffee here, their food menu is also guaranteed to get you excited and is definitely not what you would expect. Their inspiration is taken from all of their favourite holiday destinations, treating you to sandwiches such as:

  • Aloha Honolulu; with Curry tomato sauce, salad, turkey ham, pineapple and melted cheddar cheese
  • Pate; with tomato carrot spread, prosciuto

    Crazy ape curry

    Photo Credit @ Crazy Ape Coffee

  • and parmesan
  • Pablo with coriander, jalapenos, corn, beans, salad and cheese.
  • or my favourite Crazy Ape Chicken: toasted sandwich with curry peach and banana spread, turkey ham and peanuts

As well as sandwiches you will always find a Thai curry on the menu allowing you to enjoy something light, healthy and completely yummy and breakfast is also available.

What I love about this café is that everything they offer is based upon what they love and simply want to share with you, resulting in a truly unique experience.

Go for the coffee, stay for the food and let the passion and craziness of this café brighten up your day.

Crazy Ape breakfast

Photo Credit @ Crazy Ape Coffee


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