Restaurant Moritz- CLOSED

Restaurant Moritz in Hohenems reopened it’s doors at the start of 2018, with new boss, Theresia Obermann, at the helm, and a new look. We decided it would be a good place for date night one Saturday, and we were right.


Photo credit @ Scissor Designs

Moritz is located in the Jewish quarter in Hohenems and was once a school, whose long-serving teacher and director, Moritz Federmann, is whom the building is named after.

It was already dark when we arrived and the beautiful building creates quite an imposing first impression as you sweep up its grand graveled courtyard, with lights casting shadows over the façade.

As you open the huge wooden door however you are greeted by a bright, light and modern entrance room/ bar with lots of glass and spotlights, yet hints of the original building and features are still celebrated, like its gorgeous old thick stone walls peaking through the painted white walls on occasions and the stone floor tiles. The actual restaurant area is a combination of different rooms connected by archways and doors, making this huge space feel extremely intimate. Here they have also kept the beautiful wooden flooring. If you haven’t already noticed this interior design is right up my street and it doesn’t end there. Theresia has a passion for music and past times, and huge black and white canvases of celebrities and personalities (past and present) grace the walls in every room (including the bathroom) aIMG_4755dding a splash of old Hollywood glamour and charm to the mix (name me a woman who doesn’t want to take a trip to the restroom with Jude Law 😉). So you can lay claim to having dinner with some of the most well-known people in the world.

The menu is klein aber fein, as they say and changes approximately every two weeks depending on what ingredients are available. The menus are compiled by Theresia’s kitchen team under the direction of chef Sarah Brückner. Just like the building the food is a combination of contemporary and traditional, with both regional and international influences.

Lucky for me my absolute favourite meat was on the menu, lamb. Before I got to the main event though I started the night off with a salad topped with figs and nuts, with Roger trying out their beetroot tartar served with feta and lemon. Both were really fresh and full of flavor, but then my lamb arrived and things really got exciting.  The lamb was served with baba ghanoush and a pistachio and coriander salsa and I chose cous cous as my accompanying side. I mean, what is not to love about all of the ingredients I have just named? It was delicious and it was not long until all that remained on my plate was the bones stripped of every last bit of meat.

RIMG_4759oger also went along the red meat path with steak served with a saffron risotto, but their chips with truffle would have also gone down a treat.

Some more examples of dishes that have made it to their menu include cream cheese ravioli with smoked salmon and pesto, southern fried chicken with sweet potato and guacamole, and black tiger prawns with rice and coriander.

Even when the bill arrives, that will put a smile on your face. It is brought to you in an old cigar box and when you open it, it is full to the brim with sweets and chocolates. I love quirky details like these, and they are what can make a real difference to your dining experience. The attention to detail here in all aspects is superb and Moritz will definitely be making it onto my go to restaurant list.

Feature Photo Credit @ Moritz




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