Mulino: brot und wein

Mulino 7Michaela & Jürgen Gehrmann invite you into their home to share their passion for Italian cuisine.  Mulino (the Italian word for mill) is set in a historical grain mill in Düns and is not your normal restaurant experience. Open every first and last Friday and Saturday of the month and serving a set four-course menu that you will find out just a few days before your reservation, Mulino is not for the place for a quick last-minute dinner or for the culinary unadventurous. This is somewhere that you plan to visit months in advance for something, and with someone, special. Then let your anticipation and excitement mount at the prospect of such an evening.

MulinoFor our reservation, we had booked in September for a table in December and I couldn’t wait to see what night we were in for. As we drove up to this charming and stunning house (complete with old water wheel) the scene was immediately set with hundreds of fairy lights lighting it up, and reflecting off the freshly fallen winter snow. It was like a Christmas fairytale and then we were greeted into the warmth with a warm prosecco glühwein, which was both a treat for my tastebuds and my cold hands.

As we waited for more guests to arrive we were allowed to have a nosey into their winecellar, which was one of the most beautifully decorated cellars I have ever been in and I now have visions of turning our basement into a replica (just don’t tell Roger).

We were then invited into the main restaurant area, which is made up of two cosy rooms, again beautifully decorated, setting the scene for what would be a night to Mulino 2remember. We settled in at our table and ordered some drinks. They have a really good range of Italian wines, as well as Italian beers or local beer from Frastanz if you so desire.

The first course, which was actually made up of four different starter plates began with warm pita bread with two different homemade spreads and olive oil, followed by homemade pizza, leek omelette and finished off with a mushroom and parmesan salad. The salad was served with Cuculli, the most amazing Italian dough balls made from chickpea flour, which for me were the absolute highlight of the meal.

Next we were served with a moreish tomato and carrot soup, which was actually poured into your bowl at the table using an old school kettle. It’s quirky details like that which set places like this apart.

We were both beginning to get quite full by this point, but the pauses between courses allowed the food to settle and the conversation and wine to flow.

Mulino 3Our main for the evening was beef served with creamy parsley polenta and then to finish off the evening we indulged in a chocolate panna cotta with pear compote and for good measure a cup of coffee.

The composition of the menu varies monthly, perhaps only one or two elements change or the entire menu depending on the season and the cooks desire.
Specific ingredients are obtained from Italian suppliers such as the olive oil and flour for the Cuculli, but they are also very keen on supporting local farmers and producers, with meat coming from trusted local farmers, and the eggs right on their doorstep from their very own chickens.

It is safe to say that we were well and truly spoilt for the night and it really did feel like we had been invited to a friends to enjoy the most amazing feast and it was definitely one of the most relaxed and enjoyable experiences that I have had.

Mulino 4So make sure you book your table early and then just sit back and relax and let Michaela & Jürgen take care of you for the night.

Check out their website for more beautiful photos of the location.


One thought on “Mulino: brot und wein

  1. Alison says:

    We’ve been going to the Mulino to celebrate special occasions for several years now and always find it to be a real treat – especially nice in the winter when it’s cold and snowy outside and warm and cozy inside. They are great hosts!

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