Marktplatz Rankweil

Marktplatz 4

Photo credit @ Marktplatz

On one Saturday night after I had worked all day, I was so thankful that Roger had booked us a table at Marktplatz so I didn’t have to think about cooking. I was even more thankful after we tried their food. It was just what I needed after a long day and the glass of wine also didn’t hurt. This restaurant is a true allrounder, catering for all occasions at all times of the day. Yet the quality of their food is still ten to none. Whether it is their breakfast buffet on the weekends, their weekday lunch menu or full dinner options, you will be spoilt for choice and enjoy a good feed.

As you walk in you are greeted by their sleek bar surrounded by bar tables and the bartender busy making cocktails and fixing drinks and then as you step into the dining area the ceiling opens right up and creates what feels like a huge space. The whole place feels trendy and contemporary, yet relaxed and welcoming.

Marktplatz 5

Photo credit @ Marktplatz

With no shortage of traditional restaurants to choose from in the area, Marktplatz aims to bring a more modern plate to the table.

Their menu is comprised of lots of different sections, including their seasonal specials, salads and soups, cold dishes, fingerfood, burgers, wraps and sandwiches, as well as other warm mains. So there is guaranteed to be something that tickles your fancy.

Their fingerfood, like mozzarella sticks, is perfect for snacking with some friends whilst catching up over a beer, or grab a quick bite with one of their interesting wraps like grilled prawns with chilli sauce and crispy vegetables. For meat lovers who have a hard time choosing, indulge in their very own Marktplatz toast with not just pork medallions but beef as well, accompanied by a trio of dips.

Their chef Andreas Spiegel loves creating new dishes and dabbling with new trends, which are tested together with boss Simon Scherl. So their lunch menu is always an exciting read, and lets you sample dishes such as vegi polenta pizza, stuffed kohlrabi, baked camembert or various homemade pasta dishes. However, tradition is certainly not lost here and you can also enjoy a good schnitzel, leberkäse, or käsespätzle if you so desire.

img_4169As the Autumn leaves were falling at the time of our visit their specials menu was full to the brim with my favourite dishes and ingredients. Pumpkin and orange soup, and gnocchi with pumpkin, lamb and sage were the order of the day for me. As you have undoubtedly noticed, pumpkin is one of my absolute favourite things and I was not disappointed, it was absolutely delicious and even though I was pretty full at the end, I wished the dish would never end.

Marktplatz are open seven days a week, which gives you plenty of opportunity to check out their breakfast buffet with the family, lunch menu with colleagues, enjoy a romantic dinner with that special someone or simply a few drinks with your mates.


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