Italian food is in no short supply here in Vorarlberg, but why not whip up your very own Italian feast at home with a little help from Stefan and Kathrin at Buongustaio. Meaning gourmet, this bustling café/deli in the centre of Dornbirn, treats you to fine Italian specialities that will take your cooking to the next level.

Buongustaio 4Walking into their shop is like walking into the pantry of an amazing Italian chef and will make even the most amateur cooks feel like they can achieve anything in the kitchen. Browse their floor to ceiling shelves packed full of delectable produce; oils, sauces, pesto’s, marmalades, sweet treats, and a huge variety of pastas and antipasti products. Plus take some time to drool over their fridge containing traditional Italian salami and prosciutto and cheeses for every occasion. If that is still not enough, then treat yourself to a fine Italian wine from their whole wall of select bottles.

The selection of their products and suppliers is of the upmost importance and everything is carefully sourced from the best small Italian suppliers, with specific attention to those who still use traditional methods and are conscientious to the environment. All of the products are as natural as possible, with no artificial preservatives and have minimal packaging.

Buongustaio3Their website contains loads of delicious recipes to try your hand at that utilise their products, as well as a wealth of information on all of their suppliers and the regions in Italy from which they come from. So you can not only wow your guests with your food, but your knowledge too.

However, don’t just shop, try before you buy.

I had reserved a table one Saturday morning for breakfast for me and my maiden of honour before we went wedding dress shopping, and so it was the start to a pretty exciting and special day, and Buongustaio made sure we kicked it off in great fashion.

The café was full of life went we arrived, with plenty of people already enjoying a delicious breakfast with friends and family. We took our seats at the rustic farmhouse tables and soaked up the atmosphere.

We decided to go all out and treat ourselves to their full big breakfast, kicking off with a steaming cup of strong Italian coffee (which suffice to say was not the last cup we drank), accompanied by a mini biscotti and croissants with butter and marmalades. This breakfast also came with a glass of prosecco, perfect for our day of celebration and considering most of the patrons were already enjoying a glass of Italian wine (at 10 am), we fit right in.


Photo credit @ Buongustaio

To make sure we lined our stomachs, we were then served with an antipasti plate full of different Italian meats and cheeses, and a basket of fresh bread. Unfortunately we were just too full to finish everything, even though we wanted to, and it was safe to say that I was struggling to breath in some of the dresses I tried on later, but it was so worth it.

Dornbirn is their flagship store, however they also have café locations in Bregenz (serving breakfast every day, a breakfast buffet on Saturdays and special lunch menus during the week) and Götzis.

So stock up your pantry and your stomachs and make sure you pay a visit to Buongustaio.



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