Gasthof Mohren

Mohren 4Autumn has arrived in full force, which many of us may not yet be ready for, however that also means that the wild speciality menus are fast approaching. This has got to be my favourite time of year for food and so I wanted to share with you my visit to Mohren in Rankweil, where we enjoyed a delicious autumn dinner last year.

This is a large hotel restaurant seating a lot of guests, however the service and atmosphere felt more like an exclusive and intimate restaurant, which set the tone for what would be a relaxing and throughly enjoyable evening.

Already on the table to greet us was warm bread, followed shortly by some herbed cream cheese, oil and some warm marinated chestnuts. I was in heaven and eating my heart out before I even opened the menu.mohren

The table setting added to the ambience and was beautifully arranged and I was trying to capture a photo to do it justice, but failed miserably. Their personalised material napkins felt too nice to use, but as I have a tendency to spill things down me I non the less let it fulfil its purpose.

After having never eaten a chestnut before moving to Austria I have now found my soul mate and every Autumn and Winter I go mad eating them whenever I can, and so when I spotted pork with a chestnut crust you did not have to ask me twice.

After havinMohren 2g already filled up on the marinated chestnuts and bread we decided to skip starters, yet I couldn’t wait until my main arrived. When it did mine was served with the spätzle in a seperate covered bowl , in order to keep it warm, and the waitress simply topped my plate up as I was running low.

Roger went with the venison ragout, which was rich and tender, but the red cabbage balanced it out nicely.

Now it was time for dessert and any restaurant that has a two page dessert menu (yes, two pages) is definitely worth a visit in my book. One page was for ice cream specialities anMohren 5d the other for full on desserts, with lots of chocolate options (they know how to please their customers).

I ordered the chocolate mousse, but then disaster struck and they had run out. So I settled on the chocolate soufflé (it really is a hard life), and I was not disappointed. Served with pumpkin seed vanilla ice cream, it hit all of the right spots and even though I was pretty full, I finished the lot.

I already have Mohren on my list to visit again as the nights get colder and you should Mohren 3too.

They also have a beautiful barn, Mohrenschopf, that can be hired out for events.


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