Crêpes, Crêpes and more Crêpes

Who doesn’t love these French style pancakes? The Crêpe craze is taking over Vorarlberg and you definitely want to get onto the bandwagon with this one. To help you out I’ve listed the best places that will cater to your every crêpe craving., Feldkirch


Photo credit @ Mund.Art

For crêpe selection and authenticity you have to visit  Mund.Art in Feldkirch, who have been going strong for many years bringing you crêpe creations from around the world. Aside from the unique fillings they also offer a variety of different crêpe batters, such as sesame and potato. The hero dishes are actually their savoury crepes. Their recommendations include: Crêpe Casimir: chicken breast in a coconut milk curry sauce with fruit and almonds, and Crêpe Madagaskar: spicy chicken strips with mushrooms, peppers and onions. Other savoury options include spicy pork strips with vegetables, gorgonzola and cream in a sesame crepe or salmon or prawns.

But your sweet tooth with not go hungry either with some classics on offer; banana with caramel sauce, or homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce topped with roasted almonds.


Gleis 3, Lochau- Have now changed their menu and no longer offer crepes.

FullSizeRenderOpened in mid-2017 this new kid on the block offer you the chance to build your own crêpe; sweet or savoury. As the name suggests you are literally a stone’s throw from the Lochau/ Hörbranz station, with beautiful views across the harbour and lake and so the location is both practical and scenic. So grab a table (outside if you can and the weather agrees), grab a pen and start ticking off your fillings.

Sweet: Nutella, bananas, cream, ice cream, cinnamon, marmalade.

Savoury: ham, salami, cheese, brie, feta, tomato, egg, corn (served with a small salad garnish).

I went savoury for my lunch with brie, which was such a nice alternative to normal cheese and when warm it was a perfect combination with tomato and ham.

Their breakfast is also worth a try (I can highly recommend their homemade jams, one of which was kiwi when I was there) and their coffee menu can rival Starbucks with choices such as dark or white chocolate latte, cold brew, iced or hot café latte, iced or hot caramel moccacino, nougat moccacino, and do not get me started on their selection of teas (the Brit in me got very excited).



Mr French, Dornbirn

This aptly named Bistro does not particularly specialize in crêpes, however they do offer one vegetarian crêpe on their main menu, and in my opinion it is worth the visit just for this (if you ask for the olives to be removed :)). Their crêpe is filled to the brim with delicious vegetables, ample amounts of feta cheese and finished with a pesto sauce.

Also check out their weekly specials as they often have crêpes such as chilli con carne crêpes on offer.


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