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On a miserable Friday we found ourselves in Bregenz running a few errands and we were in desperate need of a pick me up for lunch. Luckily Bregenz Tourism had let me know about the newly opened Ilge restaurant, and so we decided to head there to check it out.


Antonio and Daniela the owners have always dreamt of owning their own restaurant and in June 2017 their dreams became a reality when they took over Ilge. Antonio who is the chef has over 10 years worth of experience working at Landgasthof Schäfle in Feldkirch. The menu is traditional, but also reinterpreted Austrian dishes with the motto ‘klein aber fein’.

Ilge 2

Photo credit @ Ilge

Just off Leutbühel Marketplace down the cobbled Mauragasse you will find Ilge hidden in one of Bregenz’s old buildings. As we opened the beautiful wooden door Roger’s initial comment was that maybe it was too posh for us due to the fact we looked like drowned rats from the rain. However, in spite of our appearance we were greeted so warmly by Jana (their head of service) that we instantly felt at home.


We got settled in and were brought our drinks whilst we perused the menu. Every weekday they have a 3-course lunch menu for you to enjoy which is comprised of two entrées to choose from (normally one is a soup option), a main and a dessert, but if you are not that hungry you can always just stick with 2 courses. However, all three courses sounded too good to us so we both greedily went the whole hog, because also, why not.

I wIlge entreeas starving and whenever I am in restaurants I try not to fill up on the bread basket so not to ruin my appetite (my Mum would be proud that I finally started to listen to her), and sometimes the bread is so stale and uninviting that this is not particularly hard to do. However, when Jana set down a basket of warm bread in front of us the smell alone meant I was reaching for a slice before I even knew what I was doing. But I did not regret it one bit, as it was delicious.

We started our lunch off with a rocket salad with sautéed mushrooms, which had a gorgeous balsamic vinegar dressing (which was mopped up perfectly by the rest of the bread basket). As it was a Friday, they had fish on the menu for the main and we were treated to perfectly cooked, and presented trout, served on a bed of leeks in a cream sauce, and accompanied by basmati rice.

Everything is made fresh and so they do warn you that you may wait a little bit longer for your food, but that was not our experience. Each course was served promptly and after the fish Jana even checked if we wanted some time to just sit and let our mains go down before she served the dessert.

To finish off the meal we got to sample their Ilge mainhomemade strawberry chocolate mousse, which was very sweet, but the serving of whipped cream balanced it out well, even if our waistlines didn’t agree.

Both of our plates from every single course went back to the kitchen with not a scrap of food left on them, which speaks for itself the quality of the food we experienced.

Other lunchtime menus have included:


  • Carrot and ginger soup served with scampi
  • Garlic prawn salad, duck salad or roasted nut salad
  • Smoked salmon steamed dumplings
  • Mushroom ravioli
  • White wine soup with cinnamon cream
  • Pepper panna cotta

Ilge dessertMains:

  • Zanderfilet served with spinach and basmati rice
  • Italian style chicken in a tomato sauce served with spaghetti
  • Toger prawns with herb pasta and cherry tomatoes
  • Pork medallions wrapped in bacon served with a mushroom sauce
  • Green fish curry


  • Topfen (curd) dumplings with apricot
  • Crepes with ice cream and hot raspberries
  • Strawberry tiramisu
  • lime cream with raspberries
  • Toblerone parfait
  • Apple strudel and ice cream

Check out their daily lunch menus on their Facebook page.

Ilge 3

Photo credit @ Ilge

Also on their standard menu you will find all of your favourites including schnitzel, ziebelrostbraten, lamb cutlets and käsespatzle.


All in all we enjoyed a relaxed and delicious lunch, in a lovely welcoming restaurant, with fantastic service and Ilge is definitely somewhere I am looking forward to visiting again, especially to sample more of their weekday menus. If only I worked closer to Bregenz.


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