Dos Restaurant- CLOSED

Dos inside

Photo credit @ Dos

Dos, meaning two in Spanish, is aptly named because the owners, Miguel and Gabriella, are a meeting of two cultures, two families and two cuisines. This restaurant in Brand will take you on a fantastic culinary adventure and demonstrate that you really can have the best of both worlds.

Located in the golf club in Brand, as soon as you walk in the door you will be in awe of the view. You are completely surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and with floor to ceiling windows they have really capitalised on this stunning view.

As we settled in and browsed the menu the table next to us were served their starters and all four of our mouths were already watering and we had to ask what they had ordered as we definitely wanted to try it.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can order a 4, 5 or Dos 66 course surprise menu or simply order at will from the menu. The majority of dishes have two sizes, a small or large, and they also recommend with each dish whether to eat it as a starter or main. A lot of the dishes, especially the starters, are designed for sharing.

There is a lot to take in when reading the menu and there may be a lot of ingredients that are not
instantly recognisable. However their staff were on hand to explain everything. I love trying new dishes and this is part of the draw here that you get to experience and sample dishes you never would anywhere else in Vorarlberg.

They place great emphasis on the quality, freshness and uniqueness of the ingredients they use and having direct contact with all of their suppliers is also important so that they know exactly where the ingredients come from. They utilise produce froDos 2m local farmers (such as cheese from Brandnertal) and support smaller family businesses in the region. Some of their suppliers in Spain include Don Benito in Seville for the Jamón Ibérico. They buy this only in whole pieces which have matured for more than two years. The anchovies are delivered directly from Cantabria and the olive oil from an oil mill in Jaen.

They change their menu at least twice every season, developing new dishes with the very best seasonal produce and so you are always in for new and interesting dishes. When I spoke with Miguel and Gabriella they told me how much they love creating new dishes and spoiling their guests with new flavours. Variety is very important for them and also makes what they do a lot of fun and this absolutely shone through in the dishes that we were served.

A lot of time and energy has gone into not only selecting the best ingredients and developing delicious dishes, but also presenting them in unique and beautiful ways which only added to the experience. I couldn’t wait to see how the next dish would be served. With every course the staff would explain exactly what each dish was and for certain dishes the order in which they should be eaten in.

Dos- official

Photo credit @ Dos

To try to get the most out of the menu we shared some starters and then ordered smaller mains. Some examples of what we got to sample were:

Pre- starter:

  • savoury churros sticks with a cheese dipping sauce. This was so good that our friend simply ate the remaining sauce with her spoon once the churros were gone.
  • miso/wasabi broth with radish
  • infused mango slices


  • potato rösti waffle with Brandnertal cheese and Spanish ham
  • asparagus and carrots with caviar and an amazing cream sauce
  • mixed salad with Bloody Mary “clouds” and vodka cucumber
  • homemade bread served with a selection of butterDos 1s


  • hake in a gorgeous smokey sauce with mussels and fennel.
  • pork in a very rich sauce with powdered corn and popcorn


  • chocolate soufflé served with Thai ice cream and a mango-curry emulsion.
  • citrus explosion including lemon, lime, grapefruit and blood orange in a variety of forms.

Miguel then personally delivered a variety of handmade pralines, chocolate and sweet treats. Some were served in an old sweet tin and when you opened it the whisky pralines were nestled in among homemade candy floss. We were all like children in a very Dos 72fancy candy shop and we all left with very big smiles on our faces.

To me this restaurant was the whole package, and felt we were really being treated to something special without the absorbent price tag and this is an evening that we will all remember for some time to come.


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