The Dornbirn Hit List: Bars

I thought it was about time I looked at a hit list for Dornbirn. I spend a fair bit of time in Dornbirn as I work nearby and most of my friends live there and so they didn’t need much encouragement to have a girls night out, all in the name of research of course, just to make sure I got the list right.


Photo credit @ Frei


In terms of drinks this is the biggest drinks menu I have ever seen, with a huge variety for all tastes. It will take you a while to make a decision between the beer, wine, various long drinks and cocktails. Even if you are not wanting anything alcoholic their non alcoholic selection is great. They regularly have life bands and events on and normally a DJ downstairs in their small dancefloor/ club area on a Friday or Saturday night.

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Photo credit @ Mr French


Mr French

Mr French is a bistro bar and so a good place to grab a bite to eat and something to wash it down. What makes them stand out is their craft beer selection. This changes regularly and you can get a sampling paddle to try the different beers of the week that they have on tap. On their regular menu they also have a great selection of beers, ales, and stouts from around the world. If you are not a beer drinker their spirit selection is also pretty impressive with an unbelievable about of whisky’s to choose from.

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Photo credit @ Diginights

Innauer/ Vakanz

This bar has a bit more of an upmarket vibe than some other bars in Dornbirn. Here you can pretty much spend the whole night if you want to. Start off in their restaurant, and enjoy their delicious food and try everything from your classic schnitzel to more gourmet dishes like duck or fish. Then move over to their bar for a few warm up drinks and finally head down into their club ´Vakanz’ to dance the night away. Later in the night the bar can get quite smoky.



Photo credit @ Bodensee Vorarlberg Torurismus

Tivoli Keller bar

This cellar bar is inviting and cosy, and a favourite with the locals for a no nonsense night at the pub with friends. The owners will make you feel welcome at once and want you to feel right at home and to soak up the atmosphere. They regularly have live music playing and you will be treated to some good old home cooking, although not as you know it. As about their thai options, made fresh by one of the owners, or sample “the best kebab in town”, all washed down by a pint of Guinness.


Klappe 2

Photo credit @ Klappe 2

Klappe 2

For spirits and cocktails you simply cannot ignore this small bar. If you are lucky and get a table then you’re all set, but if not, simply jump in and immerse yourself in the atmosphere, or in Summer enjoy their outside bar. They regularly have live music and pride themselves on playing more alternative music for you to enjoy.


21 Cafe & Mehr

Photo credit @ 21 Cafe

Cafe 21

Even though this place is more of a cafe than bar, they have a good range drinks and serve good wine. This is a good place to kick off the night with a quieter drink and some small tapas plates. If you order a cocktail though be warned, they serve these in interesting glasses that are not straight, and visiting here after a few drinks really threw me as I though my drink was going to fall over and spill everywhere. The gin cocktail was worth it though.



Photo credit @ Palabra

Palabra Winebar

Is wine your poison of choice? Then head on over to Palabra. I discovered this Spanish winebar by accident as we drove around Dornbirn trying to find a free parking space on a Saturday. It is part of Hotel Katharinenhof and only open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Along with your Spanish or Austrian glass of wine enjoy homemade dishes such as Paella.


…or in Summer (or at Martinimarkt, or at the Christmas Markets), simply head to the Marktplatz and soak up the sun and atmosphere as a range of pop up bars take pride of place.



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