Samandar – indische & orientalische Küche

This hidden gem in Feldkirch specialises in Indian and Oriental cuisine. I only heard about this restaurant through word of mouth, as they have no website and its very unlikely you would just be driving passed. In fact I nearly missed it when I was looking for it. But once you’ve discovered this place you’ll be kicking yourself you’d not found it sooner.

Located just on the way out of Feldkirch on a residential bacimg_1987kstreet, this restaurant could easily be mistaken for just another house, but as you climb the stairs to the entrance, there’s no mistaking the aroma drifting out to greet you.

It is a relatively intimate restaurant which looks like it was previously a Chinese restaurant from the decor. Bookings are definitely recommended for the weekend. It was Saturday night, girls night, which meant with five of us we could sample a good selection of their menu.

I hadn’t eaten Indian food since we’ve moved to Vorarlberg and so I was really looking forward to it. We decided that four different dishes between us would be enough and settled on a vegetarian eggplant and potato dish, lamb with chilli, garlic and coriander, chicken in a yogurt and curry sauce with peppers and 17 different herb and spices and minced beef in a tomato based chilli sauce with feta.img_1990

All dishes are served in cute copper serving dishes with food warmers underneath, which allowed us to take our time sampling everything without the food going cold. The dishes at first glance may not look that big, however looks can be deceiving. Don’t panic, there will be plenty to fill your appetite.

The standout for me and around the table was the curry and yoghurt sauce with the chicken. This was absolutely amazing and I would have been happy sitting and just eating a bowl of that. The minced beef was also a very close second packed full of flavour and just the right amount of spice, with the feta balancing out the heat well.
The Chef actually came out to see how everything was and checked the dishes weren’t too spicy for us. When of our group mentioned one dish was quite spicy, straight away he offered to bring us some yogurt and told us that next time we come to just let him know we don’t want it so hot. When the yoghurt came it was also packimg_1989ed full of flavour with garlic and herbs and a lot of that got eaten without it being added to any dish at all.

When the majority of the dishes were nearly finished, with just the sauce remaining  we asked for some roti bread to mop it all up with. Every dish was pretty much licked clean by the time they were cleared away, a clear sign of a very good meal.

To finish off the meal we decided to share a couple of Gulab Jamun. These are milk based dough balls, that are deep fried and then soaked in sugary syrup.  I had never tried these before, and was warned to brace myself for a serious sugar hit. These were served warm with an amazing nutty ice cream and topped with a huge amount of whipped cream, just to make doubly sure you weren’t try to eat heathily. Two between five of us was plenty, but they were delicious.

I feel like we stumbled upon a local secret dining here and I wimg_2001as in two minds about sharing it with you all, but in the end this is a fantastic local restaurant that I think everyone should get to experience.


Samandar Restaurant

Rappenwaldstraße 23a, 6800 Feldkirch

0699 10099194


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