Thkesselhausere are those days when you just want to put your fat pants on, forget about the ‘diet’ and enjoy some delicious no nonsense comfort food with a nice cold beer or glass of wine, in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Well Kesselhaus in Bregenz has your covered, and a little bit more.

After being out the whole day, me and the boy just wanted an easy casual Saturday night, but rather than takeaway we wanted to get out of the apartment and enjoy the evening sunshine and so we settled on heading into Bregenz to try out the menu at Kesselhaus, followed by a few beers (or ciders) at Lowlife (hands down my boyfriends favourite bar).

Best decision ever!

This amazing old factory building located on Mariahilfstraße (not far from Bregenz Riedenburg station) now houses a variety of offices, the Kosmos Theatre and the Kesselhaus Restaurant and Bar, which has been under new ownership since Autumn 2015. This fantastic space is perfect for events and they regularly hold live music and party nights, salsa evenings and poetry slams. However it is also great to just grab dinner or a few drinks either inside or outside in the beergarden.

We grabbed a table outside and got our drinks ordered whilst we made the difficult decision of what to eat. The previous owner was from Bregenzerwald and therefore served Egger beer, which has continued with the new owners.

On first glance you may think this is a standard pub menu with burgers and pizzas, but then you read on and discovery these dishes are a little bit different.

Their selection of pizzas reminded me more of what you would find in Australia and England as they utilise a few alternative toppings, giving those classic combinations a little bit of flare, for example :

  • ricotta, spinach and pine nuts
  • salami, chilli, rosemary
  • porchini mushrooms, truffle, mozzerella and rocket
  • stracchino, potato, and pancetta

mexican-burgerHowever it was their burgers that drew us both in. Deciding that their Mexican Burger (beef burger with chilli guacamole) may be a bit too spicy for me (but just right for Roger), I decided to try the classic “house” Burger with bacon, cheese, onions and barbeque sauce (well, if you’re going to be bad, you may as well do it right). All of their burgers are served on Brioche bread with a side of potato wedges/ chips and aioli.

If you’re not wanting a meat burger, try their veggie burger with aubergine, onion chutney, and coleslaw topped with cheddar and gorgonzola cheese, or if you can’t decide between fish and meat, have both with their ‘surf and turf’ burger.

They were delicious. The burger was juicy and generous with the meat, the sauces were packed full of flavour and the brioche bun gave just the right hint of sweetness. Their potato wedges were homemade, crispy and coated with spices, packing them full of flavour  and even though I was full from polishing off the burger, I just couldn’t stop dipping them in the aioli and clearing the entire plate.

If you’re perhaps looking for something less calorific, then the steak with sweet potato and salsa or the chicken, mango and avocado salad are perfect options.

One food that I got introduced to in Australia, which is not commonplace here in Vorarlberg is Polenta chips and to my delight they have them on the menu here as a starter . Unfortunately I thought the burger would be enough for one meal for me, but I will be ordering them next time, perhaps with another starter of either the goats cheese salad with raspberries, or the scampi with parsnips chips and rocket.

This menu really got me excited, and when the food was served it definitely lived up to expectations and so if you’re going to see a performance at the theatre, or you’re looking to fuel up before a night in Lowlife, or simply looking to eat a great dinner then definitely seek this place out.


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