It is near impossible to live in Vorarlberg and not go hiking, and wFullSizeRender-3hy would you not want to when the scenery and views are so beautiful. The feeling of conquering a mountain is fantastic, with many people rewarding their efforts with a beer and Landjäger once they reach the summit. However I think after all of that work you should treat yourself a bit more, and what better incentive to get to the top than some amazing homecooked food. With this in mind, early one Saturday morning, me and a friend set off in search of Fraßenhütte.

The day had promised to be blue skies and sunny, but as usual the weatherman had stretched the truth somewhat and it was already drizzling when we met at Muttersberg Seilbahn in Bludenz. However we did not let this dampen our spirits. With the promise of some good food at the end of our hike, I had limited my IMG_1694breakfast to a bit of fruit and was eagerly awaiting what was in store for us at the top.

To work up our appetite we took the longer hike from the top station  all the way up to hoher Fraßen (about 1 1/2- 2 hours), with a pitstop under a tree en route as the rain got particularly heavy. This was a beautiful hike (one of my favourites so far) with the summer mountain flowers starting to appear and we barely saw another hiker the whole way (probably due to the weather).

Once at the summit we took the obligatory photos with the cross and with our stomachs rumbling, we made the quick 20 minute stroll slightly back down the mountain to reach our ultimate destination… Fraßenhütte. You can also take a quicker 50 minute- 1 hour hike directly there from the cable car. The benefits of it not being directly located at the top cable car station is that it is not full of tourists, and feels so much more authentic. We were welcomed straighFullSizeRender-2t away by the owners, who were chatting away to all of the hikers like we were guests at their home.

Luckily the sun had come out to grace us, meaning we could make the most of the sun terrace and the beautiful views. The food menu is only small, but it is definitely a case of quality and not quantity. They offer a few small dishes, a few large and then a good selection of sweet treats to get your suger levels back up in order for you to make it back down, or all the way up. Their drinks menu is pretty large and varied, from hot and cold, to alcohol and non alcoholic offerings.

Everything is made fresh daily and we opted for one knödel with sauerkraut and one mohnsstrudel with vanilla sauce. The knödel was full of flavour and with the size of it one was enough to fill me up. The mohnsstrudel was swimming in delicious vanilla sauce, just the way I like any strudel and the pastry melted in your mouth. I will definitely be trying their apple strudel next time.FullSizeRender

They also offer something a bit different to most traditional mountain hütte in the form of dal bhat, a nepalese lentil curry. On a cooler spring or autumn hike this dish would be perfect and is also on my list for next time.

The homemade chocolate banana cake looked and smelled amazing as it passed our table and was served to our neighbours, along with their freshly made coffee, but I just couldn’t eat anymore, and would have to roll back down the mountain if I did (so yet another item on the “to eat” list).

You can also stay here overnight and take further advantage of their hospitality and of course their breakfast, or if you’re FullSizeRender-1really keen, just get up early to try it.

All in all we had a great morning hike followed by tasty homecooked food that is definitely not your standard offering. I already have plans to hike back up soon and enjoy everything I couldn’t fit in. Anyone else like to join? 🙂


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