Eisdiele Kolibri

Tucked away in the heart of Wolfurt village, you coul13406751_575506599296987_1979682729431051012_nd easily walk past this shop without a second glance on a rainy day. However, when the sun comes out, the hordes arrive and it is near impossible to miss the queue snaking out of the shop front and for damn good reason.Something special is going on here and if you are yet to visit Kolibri (either in Wolfurt or at their new location in Feldkirch) be prepared, as after you’ve been here, eating ice cream will never be the same again.

On average they offer 150 changing flavour combinations per season (yes 150, that was not a typo), but don’t go expecting your standard vanilla soft serve. This is ice cream with a difference, with intrigue and flair, which is something I never really expected to be writing about ice cream.

Living in Vorarlberg what I absolutely love is the emphasis 13419273_575773742603606_4522368830076932670_non using regional produce, and fresh and natural ingredients. At Kolibri they are no different, using no preservatives and softeners, and the majority of their ice cream is made without milk and are therefore vegan. Their cones are all homemade using spelt flour, and the alluring smell of these alone will be enough to tempt you (believe me, it’s on my running route and it takes a lot of will power not to pop in and undo all of my hard work every time).

They are dedicated to producing quality and delicious ice cream, and what really stands Kolibri apart, is their unusual flavour combinations, and I mean unusual:

  • Nougat, Thyme and Mango
  • Cucumber and Ginger
  • Basil and Cookie
  • Kiwi and Cola
  • Gooseberry and White Chocolate13413535_572216359626011_5222075889239029223_n

Normally when we use the term “unusual”, comes a sense of unease, however there is absolutely nothing to fear here (apart from the occasional brain freeze from eating these amazing scoops of deliciousness too quickly). These flavours work and every time you go there your taste buds are in for a new treat, whether fresh and tangy or creamy and sweet, you will never fail to be amazed. You will begin to wonder what other flavour combinations you have been missing out on all this time, but it’s maybe best to leave the experimenting to their team of experts.

Their team is passionate about what they do and take pride in what they produce, and this is reflected in their ice cream, with a lot of consideration going into every flavour.

If your’re not wanting something quite so unique, then maybe a scoop of Caramel and Cappuccino will tempt you, or Dark Chocolate with Passion Fruit13240637_566197080227939_6637083101469198238_n.

If a few scoops is no where near enough, then perhaps pre-order one of their ice cream cakes. You can also order milkshakes with ice cream, smoothies, or if for some very strange reason you don’t feel like ice cream, then try one of their brownies or cookies.

So next time your screaming for ice cream, make sure you pay Kolibri a visit, but be warned, once you go, with so many different flavours and such amazing ice cream on offer, I guarantee you’ll be visiting again and again and dreading the Summer ending.


Eismanufaktur Kolibri: Kreuzstraße 7, 6922 Wolfurt

Filiale Feldkirch-Nofels: Rheinstraße 13, 6800 Feldkirch-Nofels



Photo credits@ Eisdiele Kolibri



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