Handle Kaffeewerk

When somewhere makes the statement, coffee is like fine wine, you 2016-02-06know they have the right idea. Handle Kaffeewerk is a small Rosterei & Brewbar tucked away in Dornbirn and is a coffee addicts dream.

This cafe originated out of the Handle families passion for good coffee, and that doesn’t just mean you’ll enjoy a good Latte here (because you will), you are treated to an entirely unique coffee experience that you will not find anywhere else in Vorarlberg.

You have a choice of a variety of different coffee beans which have been hand picked by the owners, with a choice of a houseblend aswell. The difference here is that the focus is on the coffee bean and not the roasting, and therefore the roasting time is only brief in order to preserve the original coffee bean flavour. So if you enjoy a good wine tastiphoto0jpgng but do not think its an exceptable activity to be doing at 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning, then have no fear, go coffee tasting instead and the staff will be happy to give you lots of information on the origin of the beans.

Filter coffee is also making a comeback, which for me brings back terrible memories of vile watery coffee that has been sitting in a pot for hours, or free refills at dodgy diners. Luckily this brewbar focuses on the art of proper filter coffee and the cool looking filter apparatus doesn’t hurt.

Not a fan of hot drinks, or needing something cold on a hot day,  but looking for that caffiene fix, have no fear, they have you covered too. They offer a cold brew, where the coffee is brewed for 24 hours in cold water. 11403229_392735764251180_862293659058244562_n

This cafe is only open on Wednesday and Saturday, however is part of the 21 & mehr businesses and so you can enjoy some of their coffee at Cafe 21 on the other days if you are having withdrawal symtoms. Alternatively they also stock and sell their coffee and all of the equipment so you can brew the perfect cup at home.


Photo credit @kaffeewerk Handle


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