Frei cafe and bar in Dornbirn is one of the relatively new boys in town and it has already made quite an impact. So to find out what the fuss was about it seemed like a great opportunity to organise drinks with the girls.

It was a Friday night and knowing how busy this place gets I reserved a table as there was eight of us. Definately a good call as the place was jam packed when we arrived. The main bar is split into two levels and if you’re lucky enough to get a table on the mezzanine level its a great spot for people watching. Having table service means no fighting your way to IMG_1125the bar, but due to the sheer size of their drinks menu we had to send our waitress away twice before we actually knew what we wanted to order.

I’m really not exagerating, their cute denim jeans covered menu is bulging with over 30 pages crammed with both alcoholic and non alcholic offerings, some your bog standard (choice of a few different wines and beer), others not so standard.  I was on an alcohol free month at the time of our visit and was really happy with the options available, with fresh juices, non alcoholic cocktails and even the mineral water was exciting, served with fresh lemon juice. It was also served in a wine caraf style glass, making me feel a little less lame ordering mineral water on a Friday night.

I thought it had a really nice atmosphere for a few drinks with friends and if you’re looking for a bigger night they even have a small dancefoor/club in the basement level and regularly have various DJ’s and live music playing. This is also the way to the toilets so you can pull out some of your moves on your way through. They also host Mario Cart tournaments to reignite the kid in you.

Frei is also making a name for itself for their exciting lunch menu and weekend brunch. So after long week of work we decided to treat ourselves to a relaxing Sunday brunch.


Photo credit @Frei

We opted for the all you can eat buffet, which is not cheap at 19 Euros, but in my opinion was well worth it for the quality homemade food offered. This includes a hot drink of your choice and you can sit and graze for hours, with the buffet permanently restocked.  The choices consisted of eggs, museli, fresh fruit, croissants, bread and a whole array of spreads (sweet and savoury), cheeses and meats. Their avocado spread was amazing, with a hit of chilli (and something I’ve tried to recreate at home, but failed miserably). Small details for me really make an eating experience and so I loved how everything was served in individual glass jars (good for sharing with friends) and you used small paper bags to take your bread and croissants back to your table. The only real problem was that the table we were sitting on was really not big enough. The coffee also gets a big thumbs up (my list of good coffee places is now getting remarkably long).

Unfortunately I have not made it for lunch yet, but their lunch menu’s look very tempting and they tend to have weekly themes like soup or pasta week.


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