My Favourie Pizzerias

It’s finally the weekend, you’ve worked hard all week, cooked every night, and worked out everyday (no?), never mind, tonight it’s time for takeaway… but where?

Finding your new pizza place when you move is like finding your new local or hairdressers, it’s a must have. You search long and hard, have a lot of disappointment along the away, but once you find it, you’re set for life. In Sydney our favourite pizza place was so popular you had to wait 45 minutes for a table if you wanted to eat in, but it was worth it, their pizza was amazing and it helped that there was a pub next door to ease the waiting time. I’ll admit that my patience for waiting for a table here is not quite as good, but I have found a few places worthy of a visit either for eat in or takeaway.


Zum Grünen Baum- Lauterachgetlstd-property-photo

This restaurant was recommended to us, and we are really glad it was. Whenever we want takeaway pizza we call them (wait time about 15 minutes). Every takeaway pizza (pick up only) is 7 Euro and every eleventh pizza is free, so who cares what it tastes like. Yeah right. Luckily the pizzas are great. They have a thin base, are not too overloaded with cheese and the toppings always taste nice and fresh.  They are always happy to add, remove or substitute toppings. My favourite is their mushroom pizza, with added fresh rocket. The calzone is normally also on our standard takeaway order, but be warned, they are pretty big.

They also have a good selection of pasta available (try the Tagliatelle Grüner Baum, with prawns and capsicums/peppers), and everytime we have eaten in at the Restaurant we have received really friendly and quick service.

They recently opened up a new Restaurant in Schwarach (Hofsteiger) which along with their pizza and pasta menu offer some great traditional Austrian food as well.

Harderstraße 10, 6923 Lauterach


San Giuseppe- Bregenz_wsb_476x355_Pizzeria

This Italian is located on the main pedestrian area in the heart of Bregenz and so be warned it can be a tourist trap in Summer, however they have plenty of seating and I really like their pizzas. On your first visit you will be overwhelmed by their menu. I have never seen so many pages, and I was a bit concerned that they had substituted quality for quantity. However when my pizza arrived, it was delicious. Massive, but delicious. I love their vegetarian pizza, which is packed with seasonal vegetables, and is my go to pizza on the menu. The pizzas are very different to Zum Grünen Baum, with a much more doughier base and crust (which is actually why I really like them), more cheesy, but with plenty of toppings. Even though they always seem to be busy, we have again always had really friendly service here and on one visit I actually had a mishap (due to a dangerous gust of wind) which actually knocked my wine glass over and its contents all over the pizza. Without any hesitation they cooked me a fresh pizza and bought me a bread basket while I waited.

I have it on good authority that their pasta is also good.

With a menu as big as their’s you are sure to find a flavour to your liking, although I’m still waiting to find a Pizzeria that serves some more alternative toppings, like pumpkin, feta and pine nuts (my absolute favourite in Australia).

Bahnhofstraße 2, 6900 Bregenz


Rio:Kino Restaurant Pizza Barrio

Part of Rauch Gastronomie, Rio Pizza offers the best pre cinema treat. If you are a traditionalist when it comes to pizza they have you covered, but if you like to branch out and try new toppings then you will not be disappointed. You will find toppings like fresh raw tuna, rocket salad & avocado, mango, mascarpone, nuts, figs & mozzarella or salsiccia, pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, & thyme, as well as a vegan pizza with tofu. The special pizzas have names all relating to cinema in some way which is a nice touch, and makes the ordering a little easier to pronounce.

I would definitely recommend booking as it does get busy.

Marktgasse 18, 6800 Feldkirch


La Forchetta- Lustenaubild5

This Restaurant/ Pizzeria is a little out of the way, but well worth a visit. I’m not 100% if they do takeaway, but the restaurant is really nice. It has a relaxed atmosphere and is a bit more modern than the others and it showed in their menu. I went with a few friends, and two ordered octopus as a starter, which went down very nicely. You have the choice of small or large portions of the pizzas and pastas, which would have been a good idea, as again the pizzas are quite big. However, the pizzas were fantastic, really fresh, just the right amount of cheese and had a well cooked base. They offer a lot of fresh fish options and the pasta looked amazing.

Millennium Pk. 4, 6890 Lustenau


Which Pizzeria would make your list?




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