4D Outfitters

Are you bored of visiting the same old shops and looking for something a bit different? Then you need to visit 4D Outfitters in Bregenz. This concept store offers the latest trends in the form of fashion, accessories, furniture, and gifts, as well as stocking some amazing gourmet food products..


Photo credit @4DOutfitters

Having not only a passion for food, but also for clothes and interior design, this store ticks all of the boxes for me, and so on a recent visit to Bregenz, a visit to 4D Outfitters was top on my list. You can’t fail to notice this store at the end of Kornmarktplatz, with its vibrant chairs lined up outside and its array of funky lights and quirky gifts in the windows just enticing you to step inside and discover what else you can find.

Owners Giovanni Vitale and Wolfgang Herzog spend time visiting international fares to ensure they can bring the latest trends back to Bregenz. They stock top fashion brands such as Closed, Canada Goose, Nudie Jeans Co, Fred Perry, and Ten C, catering for both him and her, as well as designer furniture and accessories. This really is a one stop shop where you will be amazed at what you can buy, yet the focus on quality and design is evident. So why not browse their jewellery or sunglasses range, while taking a seat on what might be your new sofa? Need a new lamp, headphones, kitchen utensils, the list goes on.

After picking out a few items of clothing I headed to the IMG_0737changing rooms, where the focus on design and style continues. With beautiful elegant heavy curtains offering you privacy, ample space for you to admire yourself in the floor to ceiling mirrors and quirky clothes hooks and stylish seating, it is definitely a unique experience.

Being completed sidetracked by the clothes, shoes and accessories, I nearly forgot to even look at the food section (which says a lot). So luckily on my way out, the floor to ceiling shelf of jams, chocolates, pesto, gourmet ketchup, risotto, spices, tea, mustard’s, and oils caught my eye.


Photo credit @4DOutfitters

Stocking the most amazing range of Nicholas Vahé gourmet products I was completely spoiled for choice. Luckily Wolfgang was on hand to give me some assistance. He talked me through the various products, and gave me the story behind the chef. His knowledge of each of the products was fantastic and it took a lot of will power to restrict my spending.

These are not your average food products, “Nicolas Vahé offers everything your heart desires of gourmet delicacies and kitchen supplies for the quality conscious food lover” (www.nicolasvahe.com). IMG_0736

The different flavour combinations will inspire, and intrigue you; olives stuffed with lemons, plum and walnut jam, jam with mango, lime and ginger, or strawberries and mint, soy and sesame ketchup, cocoa coated meringue drops, salt with Parmesan cheese and basil, and mustard with raspberry and ginger (to name a few). After a significant period of deliberation, I settled on a jam with passion fruit and coconut, mustard with mango and Thai spices, and a green tea with ginger.

I got to also chat with Giovanni who comes from MeIMG_0744lbourne. After ten minutes exchanging stories of how we came to be living in Vorarlberg and him giving me some comforting words of wisdom on settling here I paid for the second time and let them know I would see them soon.

Since then I have tried all of the products. I replaced my normal afternoon coffee with the unsweetened green tea and it was so refreshing, that I wish I’d bought more for each day. The passion fruit and coconut jam (originally bought for my boyfriend, as coconut is not generally my cup of tea) is more like a curd, but was thoroughly enjoyed by both us on top of freshly toasted bread and butter. It was quite rich, so yIMG_0743ou do not need too much, which is great as it will last longer. My last purchase was enjoyed in true Aussie style with a steak. The mango and Thai spices went really well with the meat and took the edge off the mustard slightly, which I really liked.

For food lovers everywhere, this store is a treasure trove of delights, with the products serving as brilliant gifts or simply as a gourmet addition to your pantry. So go on… treat yourself.



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