A Food Blogger’s Day Off

As I write a food blog I think some people believe that I must go out everyday for lunch and dinner. Firstly, I could not afford to do this and secondly, I think I would be the size of a house. During the week I try to eat as healthily as possible and make my lunch everyday. So when I have a day off I enjoy the pleasure of going out for lunch or dinner and trying new places. Therefore, on a rare full day off all to myself I decided to document my day, and share my foodie adventures.  


Even on a day off I have an inability to lie in and with thIMG_0355e half marathon that I have signed up for looming in less than a month, I got up, grabbed my running shoes and took the opportunity to get in a good, long training run. It was a beautiful day and once I had dragged myself out of bed it was such a good way to kick start the day. The views along the Ach and out to the lake provide good motivation, however, as I passed the bakery on the final 2km of the 18km my mind turned to one thing… Breakfast.


After a shower and getting the feeling back in my legs IMG_0724I was starving. It was well known in Australia that whenever I met friends for brunch, if they had poached eggs on toast with avocado on the menu, it was pretty much a sure thing that I would order it. I could write a whole blog post just on which cafes in Sydney do the best ones. However, this is an unknown phenomena here in Austria and so with a relaxing day ahead of me and feeling I had really earned it this morning, I took pleasure in whipping this up at home, and even if I do say so myself, it was delicious.


Deciding to do a bit of retail therapy I headed into Dornbirn to have a FullSizeRenderwander around, and of course, before I did anything a good coffee was required. So I headed straight to Kaffeebohne for a caffeine hit. Definitely still one of the best coffee’s in the area in my opinion and even with a takeaway coffee you get an individually wrapped chocolate coated coffee bean, which I stashed away for later. http://www.kaffeebohne.co.at


After working up an appetite I decided to find somewhere to stop for lunch. I had read about Marenda (Brotkultur) located on Schulgasse, as it is well known for its bread, but is a little bit more expensive than other bakery/cafes. I had walked passed it many a time but had not yet gone in. Grabbing a table outside in the sunshine I was all set to sample one of their blatt salads with a choice of additional toppings, but then really thought I IMG_0715should give their specialty a try. So I settled on a sandwich with Italian vegetables, mozarella and mostbroeckle. I didn’t really know what the last filling was (even my German app had no clue), but thought I’d try something new. When it arrived I found out it was some kind of Italian meat, and the sandwich was massive. The bread was absolutely delicious, and even though I would have preferred more Italian vegetables and a bit less meat you got a lot for your money. Unfortunately, the size defeated me and I could not finish it, but they did offer to pack the rest up for me to take away. They have a really nice selection of other sandwiches available and are open for breakfast every day as well. http://www.marenda.at


Back home and it was time to sit down and relax with.. you guessed it, another coffee (from the trustee Nespresso machine). Everyday I try to do some German practise and rather than studying course books I had picked up some German magazines and thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing hour on the sofa.


It’s Friday night and what better way to finish a day off, and the week, than with a nice glass of wine. Therefore me and my boyfriend headed to Moeth in Bregenz, the local winery. With the good weather and IMG_0718enjoying the luxury of most places being in cycling distance, we decided to take the bikes (much to my legs dismay after this morning). They were quickly rewarded though, as on arrival we were greeted by a litre of wine already on the table bought by our evening companions. This refreshing white was extremely easy to drink and I was pleasantly surprised by the local grapes. For food they offer a cold buffet selection of meats, cheeses and homemade specialties or if you’re just there for drinks a selection of snacks can be purchased. Being advised that a selection platter for one would actually be enough for two we opted for that, and glad we did when we saw the mountain of food being served to uFullSizeRender(1)s.

As a lover of a good glass of red I decided to try a glass of theirs, but I was a bit surprised when it was served to me chilled. Once I had left it to warm up a bit it was actually a nice glass, but think I would stick to white next time.

The majority of their seating is outside where you sit surrounded by vines and as the sun sets and the lights overhead twinkle, it is a lovely atmosphere. On this particular night, as the sun set so did the temperature and so we were extremely grateful for the blankets they had available.


All in all, it was a lovely relaxing day sampling some great local food and drink, but I think my waistline is looking forward to its day off tomorrow.


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