A little out of the centre of Bregenz I discovered thisIMG_0564 hidden gem of a cafe. With an abundance of fresh and local produce on the menu, this vegetarian and vegan cafe will have you wanting to come back again and again.

On my first visit we just stopped in for a drink and got to try their fresh juices. We were offered every single fruit under the sun, and made in whatever way we liked, just with ice, with yoghurt, with milk, or with ice cream. We settled on one berry and one banana and pineapple, both just with ice. These were the perfect drink for the hot summer’s day and were full of flavour.

A few weeks later I returned to try out some of their food for a healthy lunchtime treat. From hearing what they have1422343_630659063709217_8537017594681688234_n on their menu you may think I do not know the meaning of ‘healthy’, with a choice of a burger, döner, and dürüm, but Susi’s shows that you can have a burger and not need to spend the whole of the next day in the gym.

Their burger is filled with vegetables and tofu and full of salad, and their dürüm can be filled with your choice of vegetables, feta, tofu or mozzarella. Other lunchtime menu options include warm cous cous salads, quinoa salads, soups, vegetarian curries, vegetable strudel and barley risotto, to name a few.

susis-zaubereiI love a good bagel and so I was drawn straight to this on the menu. I chose to have mozzarella as my filling. This was made fresh in front of me and alongside the mozzarella this delicious bagel was filled to the brim with gorgeous seasonal vegetables and salad.

If you work or live in the area (inner Bregenz) Susi actually provides a delivery service and so you can enjoy their great food everyday in the comfort of your home or office.

They are open for brunch and even my meat loving boyfriend suggested we go back to try this, as he spotted his favourite breakfast treat – waffles – on the menu. They also have a choice of eggs, omlette, muesli, and a large or small breakfast plate. They also have a gorgeous selection of sweet treats for morning or afternoon tea. Check out their facebook page for lots of photos of their food that will make your mouth water.

In the past they have also hosted live music nights and a variety of osusis-zauberei-bagelther events, so keep your eye on their facebook page for whats coming up next.

So next time you are in Bregenz, don’t settle for the next cafe you walk past, take the two minute walk up the hill and let Susi conjure you up something amazing.


Susi now has now moved to a bigger location in Maurachgasse, Bregenz. This is now permanently closed.



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