Theater Cafe

I had been told how good this cafe was in Kornmarktplatz in Bregenz, especially their cakes. They have a huge range which are made from Dinkel flour which had appealed to me. On my first attempt at visiting with a friend we had not checked the opening times and we were in Bregenz on a Monday and it was shut. A little disappointed we had to settle on somewhere else.

On my second visit I had more success but only sampled their drinks par_04menu as I had not long since eaten. I tried one of their hot chocolates which you make yourself. They bring you a glass of milk and then a whole chunk of home made chocolate on a stick which you dip in the milk and make the drink as strong as you want. My only complaint was that the milk was not hot enough for my liking, but I like my hot drinks really hot. Two of the people I was with had banana milkshakes which were made with real bananas rather than any flavouring and as soon as they were put down on the table you could really smell the fresh bananas.

Third time’s a charm was definitely relevant with this cafe, as finally I got to sample their cakes. As you enter the cafe you are immediately greeted by a glass cabinet full to the brim with cakes and tarts. They have so many that they don’t actually all fit in and they have more sitting on top.

I was with two English people and one who could not eat nuts and so I confidently asked in my limited German which cakes were suitable for kuchen-kirsche-webher to eat. The lady was extremely helpful and went through each cake with us, but by the end we realised that there were not too many cakes left that she could sample. However she chose the black forest gateau which looked fantastic. I must have stood in front of the cabinet for another ten minutes trying to decide. In the end I grabbed the last piece of apple strudel, as this is one of my favourite desserts. I had high hopes when I moved here that everywhere would make amazing apple strudel, but I’m yet to have my expectations met. Here it came with a choice of cream, vanilla sauce or ice cream. As it was a hot day I opted for ice cream.

They also have a large ice cream menu which the other person I was with chose from. Our drinks and cakes came out quickly, regardless that it was a Sunday afternoon and the cafe was packed. The waitress was also extremely helpful when she realised we were three English speaking customers, but it was a good chance for me to practice my German.

After taking my first bite finally my apple strudel prayers had been answered. It was delicious and there was plenty of it. I savoured every mouthful and to top of the experience the coffee I ordered was great.389825_191991794220293_439772429_n

The black forest gateau was also devoured without any hesitation and the plate nearly licked clean. The raspberry and almond ice cream sunday was massive and equally as delicious.

They also sell their own made chocolates and serve a variety of food for breakfast and lunch if something sweet is not what you are looking for.

This cafe is a popular destination for visitors to Bregenz and is in a prime location and so the prices are not cheap, however if you’re looking for a weekend treat it is high on my list of recommendations, even if its just for the strudel.


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