Nam Viet- currently closed, seeking new premises

On our continued quest for somewhere serving Asian steamed dumplings we finally came across Nam Viet. From reading their menu online we saw they had soup with handmade dumplings. This alone was enough to tempt us to pay a visit to this Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Bregenz.


Photo credit @Namviet

You will find Nam Viet in Kornmarktplatz and is easy to find as it is one of the only dark buildings. This theme continues inside with black walls and dark furniture. The restaurant itself is quite small but they have plenty of seating outside if the weather is good. If not, on weekends I would encourage you to book, especially on a Saturday night.

This menu is in both German and English but we didn’t need to even look at the menu to know what we were ordering to start. When the soup arrived we were not disappointed. The soup base was chicken and it was filled with fresh vegetables and delicious prawn


Photo credit @Namviet

and pork stuffed dumplings. It was light and flavoursome and just the right size to start a meal off with. They have quite a few other soups to choose from or a few salads, but if you are looking for something a bit different try their rice rolls filled with prawns, pork belly and fresh salad, or crepes with prawns and bean sprouts. This can be served as a starter or a main dish. On a second visit a friend tried this and it looked amazing (although be warned, the starter size was still quite big) and I was informed that it tasted delicious, which coming from a chef I am happy to take their word on.

Moving on to the main menu you have a whole variety of meat, fish and nam vietvegetable dishes to choose from. Try beef fillets on a bed of fresh vegetables, grilled salmon steak, crispy duck or chicken skewers. From the Wok you have your choice of egg fried rice, or noodles with vegetables, chicken, beef or pork or go for a traditional South Vietnam dish of rice vermicelli served cold with grilled meat, salad, and slices of spring rolls. They have a good range of vegetarian meals and finally just what we were looking for.. traditional curries.

We love red curries, but here you get the whole spectrum of red (with prawns), yellow (chicken) and green (beef). Between me and Roger we have tried all three and my favourite has to be the red prawn curry. It is 1893659full of fresh flavours and served with vegetables which are perfectly cooked and still a bit crunchy and just enough rice. A lot of curries you get at other restaurants are swimming in oil and just over power you in spice, but here the spice is just right (but that is my opinion and I do not like food too hot), and I didn’t feel I needed to spend the whole of the next day in the gym to work it off. To top it off the presentation of the dishes is beautiful.

They have a traditional dessert menu as well as fresh cakes although I am yet to try these. They also serve breakfast from all around the world including an American, French, and Italian choice as well as of course traditional Vietnamese dishes, if you like soup and noodles first thing in the morning.

On a nice night this place is also a perfect spot to sit outside and watch the world go by in the market place. They have a good selection of both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks including my ultimate favourite, Lychee Juice.

This restaurant is not as cheap as other Asian restaurants such as Manga (which I also enjoy going to), however I feel the quality and flavour’s make it well worth a visit.


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