Gasthaus Seibl

After five months of living in Vorarlberg my parents came to visit last weekend and so I wanted to take them somewhere that served traditional Austrian food and had great views of the lake. So on Saturday evening we ventured out to Lochau and up Pfänder to Gasthaus Seibl.

I had visited Seibl once before for a birthday dinner and so I knew on a clear day that the views are just stunning. After burning dimagesown in 2008 this timber guesthouse was rebuilt and reopened in 2011.

As we arrived we were greeted by live singing on the terrace and so before heading inside to our table we took in the view back over the lake whilst being serenaded. Inside they have tried to ensure that every table has the best possible views of the lake with plenty of windows. Now its spring and the trees are in full bloom the views are a little more obstructed but the restaurant still has a lovely atmosphere and the staff are extremely welcoming. As the weather improves they also have plenty of outside tables and blankets to go around.

After experiencing some other restaurants in the area and their portion sizes my Mum decided to go for the pork schnitzel from the “kleiner” hunger menu. However when this came out it was still enough to fed a small army. She still enjoyed it thoroughly, even though she couldn’t finish it off.

Ensuring they had tasted sufficient pork during their trip my Dad sampled their pork medallions and was not disappointed. Normally a big critic of how vegetables are cooked in restaurants he even complimented these and nothing says delicious more than an empty plate at the end of the meal.

Roger loved the käsespätzle he ordered last time we were here, so he had the Immer-wieder-lecker-Vorarlberger-Kaesesp-500x382same again. Being served in a large bowl with a giant wooden spoon always reminds me of Goldilocks and the Three Bears (this will only make sense if you read this book as a child). Nevertheless this tasted just as good as last time with plenty of crispy onions, and served with a side salad.

I opted for the zander fillet and this was cooked beautifully and was served with buttery new potatoes and a salad. This was washed down with a lovely glass of red which was barely empty when the waiter noticed and straight away offered to get me another one.

As it was a nice and warm evening we were craving ice cream and so we decided to all share a dessert of ice cream filled crepes with whippedtimthumb.php cream and chocolate sauce. When it arrived we couldn’t wait to dig in, so much so that my Dad and Roger didn’t actually end up trying any. However, needless to say, me and my Mum would definitely recommend this and so try to leave some room.

It is safe to say you will not go hungry here and you will definitely leave feeling full and satisfied, and if you can’t quite finish your meal they will happily wrap it up for you to take home to finish it off the next day.

You will probably need a car to get here and on a busy day/ night parking can be a bit difficult, however I really do feel that the food and the view is worth the trip.


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