Frida Bio Cafe & Shop

Do you seek out organic products and want to support local suppliers? Are you vegan, vegetarian or just enjoy eating healthily? You should visit this newly opened bio cafe and shop located on the market street in Hohenems.

Even before you walk in the door, through the window you can see the image3(3)inviting interior of this cafe with its rustic wooden tables and stools, comfy cushions and fresh flowers on the tables. They have used a lot of natural materials in their decor but added modern touches like the light fittings, which for me, make this cafe stand out and make you want to sit and relax with friends for hours.

Before taking a look around the shop we decided to have some lunch. We took one of the tables in the window and took in the menu which
is written on a blackboard over one wall. Their vegan soup or stew changes daily and are displayed on their website. Examples of these include vegetable curry, lentil spicy coconut soup, Tom Kha Tofu and sweet pea and mint soup. Also on offer is a toasted sandwich with vegan spread, grilled vegetables and salad, a seasonal salad with chickpeas, quinoa, or couscous and an antipasti plate.image1(6)
They also have a good selection of healthy breakfast deals which range from a 5 elements breakfast (this includes a hot beverage, hot cereal, and a smoothie) to a “schlemmer” breakfast (including a hot drink, organic sparkling wine, 2 rolls, 1 spelt croissant, jam, butter & a cheese plate).

We both opted for a toasted sandwich with hummus and salad which was served on organic bread that was fresh and really delicious. Being a lover of fresh organic produce I really liked their menu and am keen to return on a hot day to try their fresh salads or come with a friend to try one of their freshly made vegan friendly cakes. Unfortunatelyimage2(2) being a lover of meat and proclaiming that everything is better with salami Roger was not as convinced, but still enjoyed his lunch and could not fault the quality of the produce.

We were both in need of a coffee and even by my tough standards this coffee was delicious and made me wish I had chosen the large over the standard. You can ask for soy or hafenmilk for an extra 50c. They also have a great selection of handpicked tea including after eight mint and lime blossom, or if you are after something cold they have seasonal smoothies, homemade lemonade or fresh juices. You can even celebrate brunch with a glass of bio sparkling wine or beer. image4(2)

Afterwards we had a wander through the shop. Their goal is to be a completely package free store and therefore they invite you to bring your own containers to stock up on their selection of cereals, beans, and lentils etc.

They are also advocates of supporting local small businesses and farms and selling quality produce. Selling everything from the bio beer and wine, spelt flour, chocolate, tea, and pasta to fresh produce such as fruit and image6vegetables you could stock up for the week in here or just pop in for some selected items.


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