Welcome to The Ländle List

13244129_10156837972085507_7199575873198762339_oMy name is Nicola and I moved to Vorarlberg at the end of 2014 after living in Sydney, Australia for seven years. I am originally from the UK and have a love for food and drink. When I left Sydney a lot of my friends asked me for my “list”. This was my recommendations for cafes, bars, restaurants, food stores and everything in between.

Whenever I visit new places I always seek out recommendations given by locals to ensure I make the most of the city. Therefore I wanted to begin to put together my “Ländle List” and share my experiences as I discover the very best that Vorarlberg has to offer.

Canapé Coffee


Photo credit @ Canapé Coffee

Didn’t your Mum always used to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal, and that it sets you up for the rest of the day. Well the breakfast at Canapé will set you up for the rest of the week. This is an absolutely must to add to your breakfast/brunch hitlist. Continue reading

Ariana Restaurant


Photo credit @ Ariana Restaurant

Tucked away in Thüringen you will find this hidden gem of a restaurant, specialising in Indian & Afghan cuisine. And if this unique offering wasn’t enticing enough, you can get all of the dishes made exactly to your desired level of spiciness, so everyone can enjoy their food with downing a pint of milk along with it. Continue reading

Jagdgasthaus Egender

I had heard countless times that the “best Käsespätzle” in Vorarlberg could be found in Jagdgasthaus Egender in Schönenbach, Bregenzerwald. However, up until a week ago I was unable to substantiate these bold claims. I now have it on very good authority (my own and everyone I was with) that these reports were in fact unbelievably accurate and I am now booking in time to make weekly visits to make up for lost time. Continue reading


IMG_5800Go for breakfast, stay for lunch and then grab a cheeky after work drink while you are at it. And after all of that you can simply go upstairs and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep in one of their beautiful hotel rooms. This urban haven in Dornbirn, serving you up fresh, local ingredients morning, noon and night, needs to be on your list. Continue reading