Welcome to The Ländle List

13244129_10156837972085507_7199575873198762339_oMy name is Nicola and I moved to Vorarlberg at the end of 2014 after living in Sydney, Australia for seven years. I am originally from the UK and have a love for food and drink. When I left Sydney a lot of my friends asked me for my “list”. This was my recommendations for cafes, bars, restaurants, food stores and everything in between.

Whenever I visit new places I always seek out recommendations given by locals to ensure I make the most of the city. Therefore I wanted to begin to put together my “Ländle List” and share my experiences as I discover the very best that Vorarlberg has to offer.



Photo credit @ Großstadt

So it may not technically be in Vorarlberg, but just a hop, skip and a jump across the border in Lindau is this great café. On a recent visit to the island I wanted to find a café for lunch that was not a traditional tourist trap and so I ventured away from the harbour and the main shopping street and stumbled upon Großstadt, nestled in the corner of an old square. Continue reading

Sydney Hit List

As Sydney was pretty much my inspiration for starting my blog I thought it was about time that I noted down my original “list” for you. This is a pretty special post for me and was a lovely trip down memory lane remembering all of the great times had at these places with Roger and with friends. So if you are ever in Australia, experience it like I used to and let me know what you think. Continue reading